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The child reading the story is my son Julian, who was in the first grade at the time of recording. He came home from school with a reader called The Oak Tree and the Fir Tree. It was weird because this idea had been on my mind a lot. Trees must be pliable and bend in order to weather a storm. Even if a tree has the appearance of being stout, if it’s brittle on the inside it will snap. I was thinking about this a lot and it was coming up a lot in I-Ching readings, and there are several lyrical references to this on the record. I recorded him reading to me without him realizing it, of course. 

The footage I shot even earlier, when Julian and Miriam were in Kindergarten. They have been very close friends, since birth…and they know the trails of Mt. Minsi well. They are both now in 4th grade, still great friends and in the school string orchestra together.

-Lou Rogai